Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Past Posts, Plus a Special Surprise Post.

Just a few weeks ago, I posted the following to MarkyMark and hawaiianlibertarian concerning motivations to remain unmarried. The first is basically introducing myself, the latter is basically a repeat of my reasons to not have kids, a wife, or even a sexual interest(!). Enjoy.

From My Post to MarkyMark (post found at or near the bottom of the page)

filrabat said...

A+ to Outlaw!

Introducing myself,

I've been lurking on the MGTOW, MRA, and PUA blogs for a few months now. I don't really fit into either one of those categories, but I'd say the MGTOW's the closest I qualify for (meaning that I go my own way without a wife and kids for various reasons).

I'm also "Committed Childfree" for a wide variety of reasons: some personal, others relating to the "threat of divorce" matter, yet others are philosophical reasons totally non-germane to the Men's movements.

I'm a ten years or so recovering "nice guy" who learned a lot over the years about womens' sexual psychologies. Starting about a dozen years ago, I decided to abandon the dating scene altogether after I realized I got MUCH, MUCH more joy out of pursuing "nerdy" hobbies and interests than any woman ever COULD give me, even if she were willing (lots of us "nerds", "geeks", whatever are like that).

Even so, I remained interested in knowing how to lure women for some reason - perhaps I was looking for clear answers to give myself closure. Hence I ran across the PUA movement and evaluated their claims. I definitely gained a lot of insight from them, yet at the same time I refused to change my personality because I'm too proud of the way I am just to get a bit of pountaine. Furthermore, after reading a HawiaiianLibertarian blog entry MGTOW vs PUA regarding some MGTOWs using the movement as a rationalization for their non-success with women. I realized more clearly than ever that if THAT's what I'd've had to go through to get a wife or girlfriend, then I'd rather not have a girlfriend at all (my childfree viewpoints enter into this too, but that's not germane to this blog).

Anyway, it's good to finally post on here, and I'll check back regularly

19 June, 2009 13:33

From: My post to HL (again, found at or near the page’s bottom)

Hi, HL

Just finished reading your blog entries about the MRAs, PUAs, and MGTOWs; whose claims, attitude, and tones I've researched for a couple of years before making a firm decision about where I stand. It turns out that I'm not really ANY of these groups - I'm a "Free Agent" so to speak (although by definition I'm probably more of a MGTOW than anything else, but not of the bitter sort).

YOUR DEBATES with MGTOWs: Both sides put up a very admirable defense of their views, but in the end I declare you the victor by a hairwidth, but only within the limits of the issues you and the other MGTOWs debated.

I'm committed childfree and have been so since my late 20s (I'm 41 now) - for a wide variety of personal and philosophical reasons. I won't go into detail about them here because they're not germane to MGTOWs reasons most frequently posted in the debates. The point is that, even if on some level men are designed to reproduce, reproduction should not be obligatory for a man, particularly if he wouldn't be a happy and/or respectable father.

Other than overlooking my claim, I'd say you won the debate overall, though the MGTOWs did put up a very good fight.
June 29, 2009 12:47 PM

FINALLY, from Sex, Nerds, and Entitlement at Overcoming Bias comes the most succinct, articulate post entry I have yet seen outlining the healthiest attitude a truly nice guy ought to take if he’s having trouble finding women -especially if he’s trying to give his personality a makeover so he can be more attractive to women!! (Thanks A Billion, “Bob Smith", for your March 23, 2009 at 8:09 am post)

This is depressing.The fact that these discussions exist is testament to how dysfunctional and inadequate the whole gender system is to meeting peoples’ emotional needs. At the end of the day it’s the responsibility of the guy to accept the cultural imposition of those traits that are supposed to be “male” and step out on a limb and court the female. Guys don’t make these rules, women do. The fact that something as ridiculous as a “seduction community” exists reveals how incoherent women have made those rules. I’ve stopped caring what women want, personally. I’d rather die alone than do the song and dance required of me to make them attracted to me. I suggest you do the same rather than waste another minute looking for some magical answer to your relationship woes.Apathy is freedom.

NOW THAT post exemplifies the Internet at it's best, if you ask me!

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